Express Your Love e-boutique is dedicated to providing you with heartfelt gifts of love for all occasions.

Hello!  My name is Jean and I am the owner of Express Your Love and Loving Heart Collection.

For over 20 years I have been designing jewelry intended to be an authentic reminder of the special bond between people in a loving relationship.  My line of heart jewelry is registered as Loving Heart Collection by Jean Schnaak®.


My jewelry designs emerged following the creation of a simple gift I presented to my husband, and has since expanded as a line of gifts to capture special moments in life such as the love between a bride and her father on her wedding day. Loving Hearts are gifts that celebrate relationships.  Across the years, what began as a single tiny silver heart for my husband to wear inside his jacket over his heart as a symbol of my love for him, has since transformed into gifts of fine jewelry for all occasions.  The Loving Heart Collection maintains a core value of sentiment that can only be spoken from the heart.

It is my hope to provide you with a gift that speaks from your heart.

Express your love – the quality of your life depends on it.

Jean Schnaak
Designer and Founder
Loving Heart LLC

My Commitment to Quality

Loving Heart LLC supports American craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry from the Loving Heart Collection by Jean Schnaak is hand crafted in the USA using the lost wax casting method and hand polished to ensure quality worthy of designer heirloom jewelry. Our gifts are packaged with care and a prayer.

For Him

He is your special guy and you want to show him how much you care about him. No problem, we have the sentimental yet discreet gifts you need. Express your love for him with a Loving Heart Pin or Gold Pocket Heart. If you’re looking for something  simple, consider a key ring.  If you seek a gift with a little more flair,  why not heart cufflinks!


For Couples to Share

A sense of belonging and togetherness comes with being a couple.  For those times when you can’t be together a symbol that you share an unwavering love can be a welcomed sight.  We have gifts for couple to share.  The sight of a tiny heart pin or the touch of a pocket heart can refresh your thoughts of each other and get you through the day.


For Her

Women will say its the thought that counts, but it’s okay if the gift is also amazing! This collection of fine jewelry gifts for women will show her how much you care because you went to the trouble to find a sentimental and unique present and  that  you spent a great deal of thought on her. Select from any of these great gifts and you won’t go wrong!

Show her how you feel with a great gift .   What could make a better gift than 14K gold or sterling silver designer earrings or necklaces?  If you need something simple, go for the Loving Heart Charm Bracelet.   Any of these gifts of fine jewelry are sure to make her feel the special power of your love.

For Military

You never know where they are going to be deployed or when they are coming home. The time you spend together is as precious as it is scarce. Give your soldier a gift that lets them know you care and reminds them of home. Where ever they are in the world, you’ll be there too.